Are You Looking For Girls on Facebook?

Lots of people spend hours browsing social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook looking for attractive women. When Check Out the Latest Nude Images say many this is possibly in the area of millions each day. Can you imagine the number of emails, texts, messages, or maybe swipes a hot woman gets every day on networks like Facebook?

Too many to consider, right?

Most guys send something extremely unimaginative like ‘wow, that’s cool’. These will definitely only be removed by a woman who is very warm as this is what everyone tells her, it’s nothing out of the ordinary and if she messages, chances are she won’t stand out.

So in case you are looking for women on Facebook, you should do something a little more original.

The body of her sales message should be changed to something she’s read before, as should the subject line. In fact, if your subject line is lame, it will never be read. But in case the affair of yours is intriguing, exciting and different, the lucky woman you mail it to a certain person to start it.

So what would you write?

Alright, here’s an example. Try a subject line like ‘hey, were you that drunk lady I met at the club last night’. Below in the body, in fact, you can just repeat this very sentence and possibly add something like ‘yeah, that was absolutely you’.

When someone reads this particular topic, they will no doubt get the idea and wonder exactly what the heck are you doing. And they look at the entire body of information that they will almost certainly respond to in order to guard against this particular far-fetched accusation.

Do you see what you have done? You have broken the ice and opened up a series of interactions with a hot woman. So if you’re looking for women on Facebook, this should be one of your first steps, think of an initial message to send.

When this kind of communication opens up, there are several equally great messages you can pass back and forth that will almost secure you a date.

Learn several of these great techniques here:

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